Since 1978 our company has specialised in the production of electric pumps for the commercial dishwashing machine industry with all pumps manufactured and assembled in Italy.
With over 35,000 units and 30 different models produced annually, we are able to satisfy the requirements of leading companies in the dishwasher field in Italy and world wide.
Our pumps as illustrated in this website cover a wide range of horsepower; from 0.10 to 3.0 adaptable for all types of machines, ideal also as replacement pumps in most machine makes.
The motors are of high efficiency surpassing modest levels.
The robust construction of these electropumps allows their utilization in conditions of heavy continuous operation.
The plastic pump parts are of special materials glass filled,resistive to all detergents and resistive to deformation at high water temperatures.
Pump inlets and outlets are also available threaded from 1/2 b.s.p , based on pump size.

The windings in closed motors are to IP44 (P33).
Other types of protection are:

  • IP54 (protection against fine dust and water splash.)

  • IP55 (protection against fine dust and water spray.)

Motor housing dimensions are from MEC56 to MEC90.
Opened frame motors are to IP00 (closed frame IP44 to IP55.)
ALL windings are with "F" class insulation, with or without thermal protection.
Motor voltages are 220/380 240/415 three phase with a variance +5%
Single phase motors voltage 220/240.
Other voltages are available on request.
All standard motors are 50 hertz and available as 60hertz on request.
Thermal protection in the range of 130/150░ C.
Terminal box connection 6 terminals for star or delta connection.

On open frame motors it is possible to personalize the motors with 6 different types of mounting foot. 
The motor housings are in cast aluminium. 
End shields also in cast aluminium.
Motor shafts are in AISI 416 S/S suitable for dishwasher use . Also in AISI 303/305 if required.

All ball bearings are either 2RS or 2ZZ (sealed or sheilded ) capable of operational life to 20,000 hrs. with its packed lubrication.

Pump Shells, flanges and impellers are in polypropylene A60 K6 PP and in PPO NORIL GFN2 Metal inserts used in Impellers are stainless steel.
Motor ventilation fans are in polypropylene.

Pump mechanical seals used are 10, 11, or 12, diameter, carbon face and ceramic seal.

Gaskets in material NBR

Range of pump capacities:

Min  Q = 100 l/m H=0.4 bar
Max Q = 950 l/m H=1 bar


Alba Pumps
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